Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles have redefined the concept of mobility and are transforming the entire automotive industry … read more


AI leveraged automation is redefining retail experiences, making it more convenient to shop and manage stores for customers and retailers respectively.… read more

Medical AI

We partner with disruptive sports analytics, pharmaceutical and healthcare AI research companies to provide high-quality, secure and HIPAA-compliant data enrichment solutions… read more

Finance and Insurance Tech

We partner with asset management, legal, finance and insurance firms to assist them to embark on their journey of robotic automation of gathering quick insights on lengthy legal, structural and financial data. … read more

Precision Agriculture

Drone Imagery based precision agriculture models are eagerly looked forward to, for their potential application to gain insights with seasonal crop yield analysis, soil benefits with input structures, and assistance in various decision matrices to ensure farming sustainability… read more


Be it e-auction sites, public tenders, taxation, documentary record repositories, or nature, animal, people & demographics information, database management and enrichment is an essential facet of building data authenticity and enhancing user experience... read more

Geospatial Technology

With the development of sensor and imagery computing technology, large quantities of geospatial data is generated from a variety of geo/aerial sensors and drones.… read more

Customer Service Automation

With the advent of new generation AI enabled chatbots and virtual assistants, efficient and warm handling of basic queries, assistance replies to product/service oriented feedback is just the tip of the iceberg… read more

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